Boynton Beach Wind Mitigation Inspection

As a homeowner, you want to do everything possible to protect yourself, your family, personal property and home from damage due to severe weather.  As a sensible consumer, you also want to know about and take advantage of any savings on your expenses, whether large or small.  You can do both by scheduling an appointment for a Wind Mitigation Inspection from Boynton Beach Home Inspection Professionals right away.  Our experts conduct the inspection, then follow up with a report providing information on recommendations for strengthening your home, as well as determining eligibility for discounts on homeowners insurance.

In general, discounts on homeowners insurance rates are calculated using the information our expert reports during a Wind Mitigation Inspection, specifically, reinforced fixtures and construction methods.  Other factors will also be taken into account, such as home‘s value, location, and the presence of wind resistant features in construction.  The reduction is applied toward the windstorm portion of the entire premium, resulting in cost savings up to 60% off homeowners insurance premiums.

Your interest in saving money is almost as important as providing for the safety and security of your home and its contents.  You owe it to yourself as a homeowner and as a prudent consumer to contact the experts at Boynton Beach Home Inspection Professionals to conduct a Wind Mitigation Inspection on your Boynton Beach home.

  • Wind Mitigation

    Save $$$$

    Wind Mitigation Inspection

    Don’t waste big bucks.  With a qualifying Wind Mitigation Inspection from Boynton Beach Home Inspection Professionals, you get savings you can see:  up to 60% off homeowners insurance premiums.



    According to state law in Florida, insurers must issue discounts or credits on homeowners insurance rates for qualifying homes.  The legislation is intended to provide balance between insurance companies and homeowners, both of whom can suffer significant monetary losses when severe weather hits Boynton Beach.  Many area homes are eligible for reductions in insurance costs, due to the presence of construction methods and structural reinforcements which comply with wind resistant standards established by the Florida law.  

    Homeowners that qualify may cut their insurance premiums more than half by conducting a Wind Mitigation Inspection with Boynton Beach Home Inspection Professionals and submitting the proper paperwork.  

    Our inspection specialists at Boynton Beach Home Inspection Professionals perform a comprehensive and meticulous Wind Mitigation Inspection, and then follow up by providing an accurate report in compliance with insurance company requirements.  To find out if your home is eligible for savings and get the necessary inspection paperwork, contact an expert at Boynton Beach Home Inspection Professionals to ask about a Wind Mitigation Inspection.

  • Four Point Inspection

    Older home?


    Get the information needed to assess risk.  At Boynton Beach Home Inspection Professionals, our experts understand the interests of both insurer and homeowner when conducting a Four Point Inspection.  Our inspection specialist analyzes the four main areas of concern for older homes, and provides a precise, detailed follow up report quickly.


    If your home is 25 years or older, chances are you already know that insurance providers will require a Four Point Inspection in order to underwrite a homeowners insurance policy.  Age translates into increased deterioration and wear, which significantly affects a home’s four primary components:  the roof, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing system.  When these major systems experience problems, insurance companies are forced to pay out large sums for claims.  They will likely request a Four Point Inspection in order to understand their risk of loss.  Still, homeowners can obtain beneficial information from a Four Point Inspection as well.  A follow up report will include recommendations for essential repairs and suggested maintenance measures.  

    With a Four Point Inspection from Boynton Beach Home Inspection Professionals, homeowners and insurers share in the value of information gained from assessment conducted by a knowledgeable expert.  Our inspection specialists give full consideration of the interests of both homeowner and insurer, because each has an interest in knowing as much as they can about the home‘s four major systems.

  • Roof Inspection

    No house without a roof: Why risk costly mistakes and personal injury?  Unless you’re a skilled professional, you don’t have the training or knowledge to conduct an accurate assessment of your home’s roof safely.  The specialists at Boynton Beach Home Inspection Professionals have the expertise and years of experience to recognize issues and report on weaknesses by conducting a Roof Inspection.



    A home’s roof is no place for a homeowner to cut costs or accept poor quality.  The safety and stability of 

    the roof’s structure and fixtures bear on the stability of the entire residence, its contents, and its inhabitants.  The average homeowner lacks the expertise to thoroughly examine the roof coverings, tiles, shingles, drainage gutters, and vent openings.  Not knowing how to recognize weaknesses results in overlooked problems or leaks that become increasingly destructive and expensive, especially when severe weather hits.  In addition, a homeowner who attempts to conduct a Roof Inspection puts themselves at serious risk of personal injury without the proper equipment and training.

    The sensible approach calls for a thorough and accurate Roof Inspection from Boynton Beach Home Inspection Professionals.  A demanding screening process and extensive training program ensures that our inspection experts identify complicated problems that the untrained eye may not recognize.  Join the numerous Boynton Beach homeowners who have relied on the experienced specialists at Boynton Beach Home Inspection Professionals by contacting us to conduct your next Roof Inspection.

  • Full Home Inspection

    Peace of mind: Closing Day Confidence.  When buyers and sellers sit down to execute documents for closing on a residential real estate transaction, it’s too late to become aware of defects in a home’s condition.  Avoid headaches and delays by hiring Boynton Beach Home Inspection Professionals to conduct an impartial Full Home Inspection well in advance of Closing Day.



    You wouldn’t buy a car without having a look under the hood, so why would you enter into discussions on the purchase of a home without demanding a real estate assessment?  The cost of a Full Home Inspection from Boynton Beach Home Inspection Professionals is insignificant when compared to the expenses that can result from undetected damage without an examination.  Both buyers and seller should understand weaknesses and problems in the home in order to negotiation a residential real estate transaction responsibly.

    The Full Home Inspection process begins with an expert at Boynton Beach Home Inspection Professionals visually assessing the condition of the home’s major systems, structural soundness and general stability.  Any areas of weakness are noted, as are recommended repairs and cost estimates for upgrades.  These issues all have a bearing on the fair market value of the property, so it is sensible for both buyer and seller to be fully aware of any problems.  Of course, it makes the most sense to have the inspection completed early, but it’s never too late to have a Full Home Inspection performed by the specialists at Boynton Beach Home Inspection Professionals.